Success Partner

Success Partner

Welcome to Success Partner, where Mascot Guy’s founder, Lahiru De Silva, delivers exceptional graphic design services tailored to your business needs. 

Welcome to Success Partner, where Mascot Guy’s founder, Lahiru De Silva, delivers exceptional graphic design services tailored to your business needs. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Meet the Founder: Lahiru De Silva is a full-time graphic designer with a unique blend of creative and technical expertise, holding a B.Sc in Civil Engineering.
  • Mascot Guy Owner: Lahiru is the proud owner of the Mascot Guy brand, dedicated to providing innovative graphic design solutions that align with your vision and objectives.
  • Legiit Ambassador: As the Legiit Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Lahiru is committed to promoting high-quality freelance services and connecting clients with top talent in the industry.
  • International Experience: Lahiru serves as a Virtual Assistant Graphic Designer for several companies in the USA and Ireland, offering a wealth of global design experience to every project.
  • Personalised Approach: At Success Partner, Lahiru takes the time to understand your brand and goals, crafting designs that resonate with your target audience and drive success.
  • Collaboration & Partnership: We believe that the most successful projects stem from a strong partnership between the designer and the client. Lahiru is dedicated to fostering open communication and collaboration throughout the design process.

Choose Success Partner and Mascot Guy, and let Lahiru De Silva’s diverse background, passion, and commitment to excellence elevate your brand. Together, we can create visually captivating designs that drive success!

Success Partner

You have heard about Drop Shipping, but have heard about Drop Service?

❓What is  Drop Service?

🙋‍♂That means, You act as an intercede

👉🏻Then you have to sell one person’s service to another. 👉🏻You no need to have a knowledge regarding the service field. 

👉🏻If I simple explain you, You buy an item from wholesaler and sell it  someone while you keep profits.


What do you need to start this ?

  • Internet Connection
  • Dedication

What services do we have?

We will send an Email to people who are interested in this.

What are Platforms which you can put services?

How to make money through this?


After they settle yours you can settle my payments.

If I can trust you and you are honest and loyal, we can take this to the next levels and more.

I hope, you will..!

I would like to get some details about you.

Eg:- Facebook account link / ID card scan copy etc

How much do you pay for this?

Zero, you don’t need to pay anything to start.

Let’s take for example the grocery store in your village. There, they sell products they buy from wholesalers or otherwise. They keep the profits as they want when they sell them.

The same thing is happening here.

You have to place services in different platforms, for example let’s take a service as logo design.You can put a service saying “Minimal Logo Design” for the price of whichever you want.

Then when you get the order from a client you need to email me the requirements and other details at I will design for you according to those requirements. You give me my payment and you can sell it for any higher price you like.

Eg:- My payment         =      5$

        Selling Price         =      30$

        Your profit            =      25$

Required qualifications

Perseverance and dedication.

My portfolios and social media links


  • I will add you WhatsApp group for updates.
  • A few people will join as a first step.
  • 10% discount from my price for the orders which are coming through Legiit for you..
  • For SEO drop services. you can visit Shen Tharindu with this link :